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Friday, May 12, 2017
Lugy Textiles in Lesotho
USAID/Southern Africa

USAID's Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub

USAID’s Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub aims to increase global competitiveness and intra-regional trade, and improve food security in Southern Africa. The project is implementing activities with the public and private sectors and civil society across the region.

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Across five components, the Trade and Investment Hub is...

  • Leveraging finance and investment in targeted sectors 
  • Supporting national, regional bodies industry, associations and service providers to facilitate intra-regional trade of agricultural commodities and economic integration; 
  • facilitating improved private sector export competitiveness in key value chains (agribusiness: maize, pulses, oilseeds; exports: food ingredients, processed foods, apparel, accessories, leather and footwear)
  • Expanding trade including increased utilization of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). 

The Strategic Partnership Fund

In addition to providing technical assistance, the Trade and Investment Hub will award grants through the Strategic Partnership Fund to support interventions with matching funds that can catalyze rapid and inclusive growth in the Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub project, across all program components. 

Apply to the Strategic Partnership Fund today!

USAID's Trade and Investment Hub has launched a Strategic Partnership Fund to provide matching funding to organizations and firms - we are now accepting applications. The overall objective of the Fund is to further the goals and amplify the impacts of USAID’s Trade and Investment Hub by supporting activities and initiatives across the project's four components: Agribusiness Trade, Export Competitiveness, Finance and Investment, and Enabling Environment and Trade Facilitation.

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  • The Strategic Partnership Fund is now accepting applications through June 19, 2017.
  • Here is the complete description of the program.
  • We've organized information sessions across the region. See the schedule.
  • All of the information you need to complete an application is available here.