Introducing MRI 514

Thursday, October 1, 2015
The MRI 514 hybrid maize seed
DOC Southern Africa


Swaziland launched a new early maturing, drought tolerant and high yielding Maize seed known as MRI 514. This hybrid maize seed introduction is a success story for regional trade and integration, food security and cooperation within SADC.

The MRI 514 seed is introduced into the Swazi market through collaboration between the Zambian and Swazi seed companies to make a quality product available to local farmers. This highlights the importance of partnership within the SADC region as acknowledged by Mr. Mavuso a representative of the Swaziland Ministry of Agriculture. He mentioned that this new system of harmonized seed will promote access and also avoid shortages in crop materials within the region. He further said that “through this system we have become one family, if there are any problems they know who to contact within the region for assistance”. 

The United States Agency for International development (USAID Southern Africa) has supported harmonized seed regulation and modernized seed network over several years.

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