Entrepreneurs Explore Business Opportunities of Albanian Caves

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
The Tourism Investment and Finance Fund in Albania--a multi-partner, member-owned, nonprofit financial association that provides capital and technical assistance to SMEs operating in Albania’s tourism sector.
Center for Economic and Business Education (CEBE Albania)

PELLUMBAS, ALBANIA     The Tourism Investment and Finance Fund (TIFF) led a group of 40 entrepreneurs through a full light test of the Pellumbas Cave near Tirana. This was a chance for TIFF to test run the concept within the cave, as well as market test the destination. The group hiked for 40 minutes from Tirana, checked in at the info point in the village, and rented helmets. TIFF had a chance to test the guiding principles piloted with the local guide. For the first time ever, a medic was accompanying the group to and from the cave, as well as a licensed physiotherapist. Pictures from this experience are found here. The Fund is concentrating efforts to develop the agro-tourism and eco-tourism communities in rural, coastal, and natural and protected areas.