H2O Maghreb

Student tests out the new Aquatronics virtual reality training equipment
Student tests out the new Aquatronics virtual reality training equipment


Morocco, like its neighboring countries in the MENA region, is faced with the challenge of sustainably developing and managing its water resources. The country suffers from water resources scarcity and increasing water demand. With its growing population, rapid urbanization, and developing economy -  including industrial growth in the mining and agricultural sectors, both heavy water users - Morocco’s water scarcity is a national priority.  USAID recognizes water as a national security issue for countries like Morocco and its neighbors in the region, and we share developmental goals focused on sustainable water management practices.

USAID Response

USAID and our partners are using science and technology to establish innovative and improved sustainable water management practices in Morocco. The H2O Maghreb activity brings improved industrial and municipal water management practices to Morocco and the Maghreb region, while also narrowing the gap between the supply and the demand of skilled labor.

This partnership is based on contributions from all partners to bring state-of-the-art equipment and an Aquatronics curriculum, delivered through technical training that employs virtual reality (VR) tools, to Morocco’s national office of water and water management.  H2O Maghreb is designed to improve the technical and professional skills of youth and already-engaged employees in the water sector.  Aquatronics combines elements of water management from different professions in both the public and private industrial sectors, thereby meeting the challenges of improving water access and water treatment in a systematic manner. H2O Maghreb aims to identify cutting-edge solutions to urgent water needs in Morocco and the region, while increasing the employability skills of young Moroccans by providing them with market-driven training programs.

Anticipated Results

  • Assessment of future skills and job needs in the Moroccan water sector;
  • A fully functional training site in Rabat that combines technically-advanced equipment with virtual reality tools to deliver Aquatronics curriculum; and
  • Effective outreach, advocacy, and regional application of the H2O Maghreb model.