Persons with Disabilities Internship and Employment Project

Start date: August 15, 2012          End date:  August 14, 2014  

Anticipated Project budget (Life of Project):  $ 292,536

Implementer:  My Career


Improve the participation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Macedonian society by providing them with internship and employment opportunities.  In addition, encourage positive changes in the perception and attitudes toward disabilities within the private sector.   


From Internship to Employment and Self-employment:  Provide internship and employment opportunities to PWDs in selected companies and local public institutions.  Individuals from PWD groups will receive trainings to successfully complete their internships.  Mentors at the companies and institutions hiring interns will be trained to recognize, value, and properly utilize the contribution of PWDs in their organizations.  Professional courses (e.g. marketing, finance, accounting and management) as well as business counseling and advisory services will be provided to PWDs who start their own businesses. 

Making Disability Issues Visible to the Private Sector and Community:  Develop and disseminate video toolkits and other promotional materials presenting best practices and the successful placement of PWDs in internship positions. 

Creation of a Project Advisory Board of People with Disabilities:  Establish an Advisory Board with representatives of PWD organizations to ensure their participation in the implementation of project activities.  The Advisory Board will be actively involved in the development of public awareness campaigns, promotional materials, and policies and procedures for internships and job placements of PWDs.  It will undertake advocacy activities to make policy makers and other actors aware of the need for productive inclusion of PWDs in the society. 

Expected Results/Impact

  •  300 PWDs will be placed in internships
  • 100 PWDs will be placed in full-time jobs
  • Training and support will be provided to 50 PWDs to start their own businesses
  • 100 company managers will be trained as mentors to support PWD interns and new employees
  • Video toolkits and promotional materials will be develop and disseminated to companies 

Contact Information

Contact at USAID:  Antoaneta Skartova, AOR,

Chief of Party:  Visar Ademi

Information Officer:  TBD