Liberia Administrative and Systems Strengthening(LASS)

The purpose of the Liberia Administrative and Systems Strengthening program is to work with the National Elections Commission (NEC) to develop and build sustainable and relevant institutional changes in response to the NEC’s specific needs. LASS will support the NEC in its efforts to strengthen its managerial and administrative capabilities, systems, policies and procedures, using the Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) approach.  The ultimate goal is to help the NEC put in place strong systems to better achieve its core mandate of planning and conducting elections.

Current Activities/Accomplishments to Date

  • NEC has updated its overall Vision, Mission, and Values Statements that have been shared with NEC Headquarters and Magistrate staff.
  • LASS completed technical facilitation of a review of the NEC’s six-year Strategic Plan in July 2016.
  • LASS and NEC are currently developing a Performance Management Plan to track outputs related to the Strategic Plan.
  • LASS and NEC developed an M&E Policy as requested by the NEC; the Board of Commissioners (BOC) adopted and approved the M&E Policy.
  • LASS and NEC have drafted NEC Human Resource Management Policy and Standard Operating Procedures for the NEC’s Human Resource (HR) Department.
  • LASS worked with NEC HR Department to develop job descriptions for all Commissioners and NEC HQ staff. These job descriptions have been validated by the BOC.
  • LASS and NEC have drafted a new NEC Public Financial Management Manual that will support all future financial and budget activities at the NEC. In Q4, LASS will conduct NEC-wide validation of the Manual before submission to the BOC for review and approval.