Land Governance Support Activity (LGSA)

Current Activities

  • Strengthening the policy, legal and regulatory framework for land governance by providing advisory support and recommendations for land policy and legal and regulatory reforms;
  • Providing the public with information on proposed reforms;
  • Conducting policy research;
  • Improving human and institutional capacity for land governance by supporting institutional transition to the Liberia Land Authority;
  • Conducting action research to support provisions of the land rights policy and land rights law that recognize customary land rights;
  • Supporting women’s land rights initiatives;
  • Supporting the Surveyors Association;
  • Assessing media options for publicizing legislation and institutional reform agenda; and
  • Developing and managing grants supporting civil society and private sector entities engaged in land governance activities.

Accomplishment To Date

  • Comprehensive review of legislative reform agenda and proposals made for future policy, legal, and regulatory reform;
  • Institutional audit and assessments completed for the Center for National Documents and  Records Agency, the Department of Land Survey and Cartographic Services, the former Land Commission, and County Land Commissioners;
  • Transition plan for the Liberia Land Authority drafted;
  • Learning agenda for customary land rights implementation developed;
  • Gender strategy for inclusion of gender responsive program activities developed; and
  • Surveyors Association reconstituted, by-laws adapted, and leadership elections held.

Planned Outcomes

  • Legislative and regulatory reform agenda adopted and implemented by the Liberia Land Authority;
  • Decentralized land management and institutional capacity development established and functioning;
  • Public informed of and utilizing Government of Liberia land governance institutions;
  • Master’s-level training in land governance completed and graduates placed in Land Authority staff positions;
  • Public outreach and awareness campaigns on land rights and governance developed and implemented;
  • Facilitation of community-led processes to strengthen community land governance, including capacity building of communities, local institutions, and stakeholders undertaken;
  • Development of a procedure for the formalization of customary tenure rights;
  • Civil society, private sector, and citizen engagement in land governance strengthened;
  • Land related private professional organizations such as real estate association, bankers association, etc. established and functioning; and
  • Public-private partnership mechanisms for the provision of land administration services established.