The Constitution Review Committee (CRC) project supports a presidentially appointed committee tasked with the responsibility to organize, lead and manage a process to review Liberia’s 1986 Constitution, with the CRC presenting to the President of Liberia a report of its findings, including the process it conducted and the inputs it received from the people, and recommendations for amendments to the 1986 constitution.

Current Activities/Accomplishments to Date

  • The CRC presented its final draft of proposed amendments and its report to the President of Liberia following the March, 2015 Gbarnga National Conference.
  • The President has presented proposed amendments to the Liberian Legislature.
  • The Legislature will then vote on each proposed amendment, with those passing by a 2/3rds majority being forwarded for a public referendum after the constitutionally mandated one- year waiting period.
  • Public information and civic education was conducted on the 1986 Liberian Constitution, what constitutions do, and the Liberian Constitution review process.
  • Public consultations were held with the Liberian people to get their views and preferences on the constitutional review.
  • The CRC engages the Legislature and other stakeholders to build consensus on amendments to the Constitution and develop its report and draft text.