USAID Encourages Child Literacy and Creativity in Kosovo

Teachers learning to bind books
Teachers learning to bind books.
USAID Basic Education Program staff

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Victoria O'Hara

As part of a broad program designed to improve basic education, USAID organized regional book-making workshops for teachers, most recently in Novo Brdo. The participating teachers were from the surrounding area, and all had expressed interest in participating in a USAID children’s book-making competition that will be held later this year.

USAID Basic Education Program ( staff demonstrated four different book-making techniques and gave the teachers copies of a video to use in their schools. The event was designed to give teachers the skills they need to show children how to make their own books. The children’s librarian at the Pristina Public Library also participated in order to organize similar workshops through the municipality. The workshop was a follow-up to a bookmaking fair for children of all ethnicities in Kosovo, held in Prizren on International Mother Language Day, February 21st. Each child wrote, illustrated and bound a book in his or her mother language.