Transparent, Effective and Accountable Municipalities

Transparent, Effective and Accountable Municipalities
USAID’s Transparent, Effective and Accountable Municipalities activity will assist focus municipalities in promoting local change, while strengthening accountability and increasing the effectiveness of public procurement.

USAID’s Transparent, Effective and Accountable Municipalities (TEAM) project will bolster the ongoing efforts of Kosovo’s government institutions and independent agencies to strengthen accountability and effectiveness in public procurement as a means of improving public services and enhancing public trust, especially at the municipal level. By working closely with municipal partners and supporting linkages with the central government, independent agencies and civil society, the activity will strengthen key government champions and promote local change, creating a sustainable impact.

The activity will provide comprehensive assistance in five focus municipalities through day-to-day mentoring, training and coaching to institute systems that will improve how they account for public funds and expenditures. In addition, trainings will be provided to all 38 municipal procurement officers on the basics of an end-to-end procurement cycle and coaching on how to collaborate with other municipal partners such as the Internal Audit Units (IAUs) and Municipal Audit Committees to improve procurement fairness, transparency, and oversight.  Main components are:

Develop, Refine and Roll Out Models for Transparent and Accountable Municipalities

Working in partnership with mayors, municipal assemblies and their committees, procurement officers, auditors, and others, TEAM will train, coach, and provide material support to municipal employees to increase procurement effectiveness. For example, TEAM will support the ongoing rollout of an electronic procurement system combined with support for internal controls, data collection, and monitoring.  As these first five municipalities “graduate” from team assistance, the project will select a new group of focus municipalities for support.

Engage the Central Level in Addressing Effectiveness and Transparency in the Municipal the Procurement Process

The project will partner with relevant entities within the central government of Kosovo and independent agencies, including the Ministry of Finance, especially Central Harmonization Unit, the Public Procurement Regulatory Commission, Kosovo Institute for Public Administration, Office of the Auditor General, and the Anti-Corruption Agency.  

Improve Civil Society Monitoring and Oversight

TEAM will engage CSOs in all 38 municipalities to be more engaged in anti-corruption efforts. This component will ensure that more CSOs are knowledgeable and active in identifying and reporting cases of municipal corruption; will strengthen the capacity of CSOs to collect, analyse, and share data; and will improve collaboration among CSOs and with the media.

Partner: DAI Global LLC

Project Duration: January 2017 – January 2022                                                           

Contact Information: Jeton Cana      

Geographic Target: Kosovo