Internet Economic Development Partnership

Internet Economic Development  Partnership
Ambasador Delawi and USAID Mission Director James Hope tour the Gjirafa premises joined by Mergim Cahani, Gjirafa CEO.

USAID’s partnership with Gjirafa Inc. seeks to grow the internet economy in Kosovo as well as the wider Albanian-speaking world.  To reach this goal and to boost employment, this partnership launched the Gjirafa Lab to incubate and invest in promising new digital solutions that meet the following criteria:

· Products/ideas are developed by local companies/entrepreneurs that have or aim to create online products for this market;

· Products/ideas are bona fide, ethical, legal, and are worth investing and participating in, and;

· The founders/creators are willing to partner with Gjirafa, Inc. to build their idea together.

This one-year activity will leverage Gjirafa’s expertise as a successful start-up as well as its operational overhead and relationships with mentors from around the world, to give new ideas the highest possible chance of success. It envisages supporting between two and four ideas with a total of 15 founders. The end goal is to successfully launch these new ideas/products and to grow employment, investment, and revenue in the region’s internet economy.

USAID’s support will allow Gjirafa Inc. to launch the Gjirafa lab through investments in marketing and overhead expenses such as new servers and furniture to create a space conducive to creativity and partnership. Gjirafa will also invest a significant amount of its own overhead and staff time as well as provide links to both investment and mentorship.


Partner: Gjirafa Inc  

Contact:  Brian Martaleus

Project Duration: Nov 2016 – October 2017

Geographic Target: Kosovo