EMPOWER - Private Sector Support

EMPOWER - Private Sector Support
The U.S. government supports local businesses that are innovative, develop new products, find new markets, and contribute to Kosovo’s economic growth. Solid Shoe factory launched a new line of children’s shoes.
EMPOWER Private Sector [ Cardno]

The overarching goal of EMPOWER Private Sector is to increase competitiveness and facilitate inclusive job creation in selected growth-ready sectors: wood processing, apparel, ICT (information and communications technology), energy efficiency, outdoor tourism, and other opportunistic sectors.

The program works closely with producers and service providers with potential to serve a larger market. Support includes: expanding buyer connections, increasing and improving production, addressing skills needs through specific training and internship programs, and facilitating finance.

To address high levels of unemployment and to enhance a social inclusion agenda in the private sector, the support targets four priority populations: women, youth, ethnic minorities, and other vulnerable groups to address high levels of unemployment.

The program supports a broad range of interventions that have a high job-creation impact.

Results to date:

  • Grant agreements signed: 160.   
  • Total value of grants given: $3.5million.   
  • Current new jobs created: 1975, of which 875 for women and 940 for youth.
  • Number of trainees: 982, of which 569 are women and 665 are youth.
  • Number of internship participants: 743.
  • Trade fair participation results: $6.6 million generated in sales.
  • Funds leveraged: from beneficiaries $9.5 million, and from other donors $2.3 million (leverage ratio 5.2).



Partner: Cardno 

Geographic Target: Kosovo

Project Duration: July 2014 - July 2019

USAID Contact: Flora Arifi