AID 517-7 (Authorization to Provide Government-Furnished Space for Non-Direct Hire Personnel in Washington)

This document provides approval for the Contracting Officer/Agreement Officer (CO/AO) to include government furnished space in the award identified below. Workspace for institutional support contractors must usually be provided by the parent company as a part of the terms of any Washington-based contract. Government space should only be considered when co-location with Federal employees is necessary to carry out the scope of the contract or the contract employee(s) require routine access to information, systems or tools that are only available in USAID space. Work space may be provided for other categories of non-direct hire personnel (e.g., personal services contractors) to the extent that it can be accommodated within the initiating Bureau or Independent office (B/IO) space allocation or can be made available as determined by the approving official in the Bureau for Management.

This checklist provides the justification and/or authorization to include government-furnished space in any type of award for services in Washington. The request must be cleared by the Assistant Administrator/Deputy Assistant Administrator or Independent Office Director for the B/IO that will house the staff and approved by the Director, Office of Management Services, Bureau for Management or the Assistant Administrator for Management in the case of an appeal. This form must be completed and approval provided prior to the execution of a new award or extension of an existing award which will result in an increase in staff requiring Agency work space.

Thursday, March 17, 2016 - 10:45am