AID 309-1 (Contract With An Individual For Personal Services)

The United States of America, herein called the Government, represented by the Contracting Officer executing this contract, and the Contractor agree that the Contractor shall perform all the services set forth in the attached Schedule, for the consideration stated herein. The rights and obligations of the parties to this contract shall be subject to and governed by the Schedule and the AIDAR and FAR Clauses. To the extent of any inconsistency between the Schedule or the Clauses and any specifications or other provisions, which are made a part of this contract, by reference or otherwise, the Schedule and the Clauses shall control.  To the extent of any inconsistency between the Schedule and the Clauses, the Schedule shall control.


For U.S. Citizens and U.S. Resident Aliens:  As an employee for purposes of Section 636(a)(3) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended (22 USC 2396(a)(3)), the Contractor is generally an employee of the United States for purposes of laws other than those administered by the Office of Personnel Management (i.e., Title 5, United States Code). This includes being an employee of the United States for the purposes of Title 26, United States Code, which subjects the Contractor to withholding for both FICA and Federal Income Tax, and precludes the Contractor from receiving the federal earned income tax exclusion of 26 USC Section 911.


PRA Burden Statement: The collection is required to obtain or retain benefits.  The estimated burden per response is fifteen minutes.  The respondent is not obligated to respond unless a valid OMB control number is displayed on the form.  Any comments related to the burden estimate can be sent to

Authority:  The authorities for the collection of information are: Foreign Assistance Act, Pub. L. 87-165, as amended; 48 CFR 37.104, Personal services contracts; and 48 CFR Ch. 7, App. D, Direct USAID Contracts with a U.S. Citizen or a U.S. Resident Alien for Personal Services Abroad; and 48 CFR Ch. 7, App. J, Direct USAID Contracts with a Cooperating Country National and with a Third Country National for Personal Services Abroad.

Purpose:  This form collects personal information on individuals who are awarded USAID personal services contracts. This form serves as the cover sheet of the contract with the individual and the acceptance by the personal services contractor and the contracting officer to the terms of the contract.

Routine Uses:  In addition to those disclosures generally permitted under the Privacy Act of 1974, the information collected may be disclosed according to the routine uses stated in the System of Records Notice titled, “USAID-34, Personal Services Contractor Records” published in the Federal Register under 80 FR 11391.

Disclosure:  Providing personal identifiable information is voluntary; however, if the requested information is not provided, it may delay or prevent the execution of the personal services contract.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 12:15pm