Readers are Leaders Project

Start date: May 15, 2013 
End date: November 30, 2017
Implementer: Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives Step by Step - MK


Strengthen literacy and numeracy skills of early grade students. Build school capacity for standardized reading and numeracy assessment nd improve instruction for early grades in all primary schools across the country, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science and other relevant educational institutions. Increase community recognition and appreciation of reading and numeracy as critical skills for students’ intellectual growth.


  • Establish national reading and numeric standards for early grades through the use of USAID-developed, locally adapted Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and Early Grade Mathematics Assessment (EGMA) tools.
  • Improve professional development of educators by facilitating regional teacher networks that support an exchange of and broad replication of best practices; training educators in instructional and assessment techniques; and providing mentors to less experienced teachers.
  • Develop tailored digital reading, numeracy and problem-solving resources and encourage classroom use of information and communication technologies.
  • Encourage reading for pleasure as well as for intellectual growth by increasing the availability of reading resources in local languages.
  • Create community initiatives that foster reading and numeracy skills among children of diverse ethnic and social backgrounds, and children with special needs.

Expected Results/Impact

  • Establish benchmarks/standards for early grade reading and mathematics.
  • Improve the foundational skills of Macedonian students in the early grades. 

Contact Information

Contact at USAID:  Natasha Buleska, AOR:
Chief of Party:  Suzana Kirandziska:
Information Officer:  Ana Dimovska:

Friday, March 3, 2017 - 9:15am