Evaluation Of DCA Guarantee Programs & Impact: 2002-2007

Through USAID/Uganda’s recently completed first multi-institutional DCA Loan Portfolio Guarantee (LPG) program for micro, small, and medium-enterprise (MSME) lending, USAID/Uganda was able to leverage its investment of SO7 funds almost 28:1 to encourage more than USD 24 million worth of lending to MSMEs. Additionally, this facility has contributed to the movement up or down market or consolidation of the partner commercial banks into SME retail lending and microfinance institution (MFI) wholesale lending. The average loan size of $89,005 met the Mission’s targets for individual SME borrowers. From the sample of interviewed for this assessment, borrowers under the first facility had an average increase of 86% growth in annual sales. 70% of this sample received subsequent loans without requiring DCA coverage is indicative of the graduation of these borrowers from the DCA program and the likelihood of banks’ future investment in not only these borrowers, but also these sector(s) at large. This sample also reflected an average increase of 8.3 full-time jobs for males and an average of 5 full-time jobs for females per borrower.

Friday, August 9, 2013 - 1:15pm