Victims of Torture Programming Guidelines

In keeping with its legislative mandate under the Torture Victims Relief Act (TVRA) of 1998 and other applicable legislation for assistance to torture victims, USAID works to assist the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals, families and community members who suffer from the physical and psychological effects of torture. This technical guidance is intended to inform the field on victims of torture programming. Within USAID, the Victims of Torture programs are managed under the Vulnerable Populations Programs (VPOPS) portfolio. VPOPs is housed in the Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance, Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance, Human Rights Team at USAID.  Activities seek to reduce the risks and reinforce the capacities of communities, local nongovernmental organizations and governments to provide services and protection for vulnerable groups. In some cases, funding for these projects is apportioned directly to the USAID missions, which manage the projects in consultation with USAID/DCHA/DRG/HR/VPOPS in accordance with the guidelines.


Friday, June 6, 2014 - 12:45pm