Empowerment and Inclusion Division: Disability Program Briefer

USAID is committed to integrating people with disabilities into its programs and activities and to building the capacity of disability organizations that advocate for and offer services on behalf of people with disabilities. This commitment is reinforced by the USAID disability policy and extends from the design and implementation of USAID programming to advocacy for and outreach to people with disabilities.

USAID’s disability funds are used to support programs and activities to address the needs of people with disabilities, including protecting the rights and increasing the independence and full participation of people with disabilities in programs related to health, education, economic growth, political participation, and humanitarian aid. The program also supports the development and implementation of training for USAID staff and its partners overseas to promote the full inclusion and equal participation of people with disabilities in countries where USAID is present.

This program  is coordinated and supported by the Empowerment and Inclusion Division, Center of Excellence on Democracy, Rights and Governance although most activities are implemented through mission-managed grants and agreements.

Monday, February 22, 2016 - 1:15pm