Empowerment and Inclusion Division: Children in Adversity/Displaced Children and Orphans Fund Briefer

To better coordinate its efforts on behalf of children, USAID established a Center on Children in Adversity in 2012. Alongside the Displaced Children and Orphans Fund, CECA supports U.S. Government and host governments and civil society partners to develop and implement programs and policies that address the objectives of the Action Plan on Children in Adversity.
Through DCOF and CECA, USAID plays a particularly strong role in the achievement of Objective 2, “Putting Family Care First,” by applying relevant national child protection legislation and policies, strengthening coordination among key actors, developing information systems to identify and monitor children at risk, building social service workforce capacities, strengthening community capacities to identify vulnerable children and increasing their access to protective interventions in countries
Monday, February 22, 2016 - 1:30pm