Wezesha Project

Wezesha Project mobilizes and expands community-based responses to meet the needs of orphans and vulnerable children. The activity works with local implementing partners, including non-governmental, faith- and community-based organizations and relevant Government of Kenya Ministries, including the Ministries of Labor, Social Security and Services, Health, Education, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.
The Wezesha Project uses a sustainable and family-centered approach to meet the basic needs of orphans and vulnerable children, regardless of faith. The activity supports community workers to conduct local needs assessments and develop realistic plans for improving household incomes of families that serve as primary caregivers to orphans and vulnerable children. Community volunteers provide counseling, health information, referrals and resources to orphaned and vulnerable children and their caregivers to address the children’s health needs.
The project cultivates local responses to the growing number of orphans and vulnerable children and complements the work of county and national government, public institutions and other civil society organizations.
The activity also strengthens child protection structures to improve the well-being of children and increases market-driven vocational skills for older orphans and vulnerable children. The project strengthens 20 community organizations to respond to orphan and vulnerable children needs effectively.
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 11:15am