Measure Evaluation-Pima

Measure Evaluation-Pima (Pima means “to measure” in Kiswahili) builds the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) capacity of the Ministry of Health to identify and respond to information needs at the national and sub- national levels.
Measure Evaluation-Pima provides technical assistance that includes supporting the revision or development of institutional strategies, building leadership and management for M&E and developing and im- plementing tools and workshops. Measure Evaluation-Pima connects M&E professionals in Kenya to identify, discuss and exchange best prac- tices in M&E.
To improve availability and use of quality health information at the na- tional and sub-national levels, Measure Evaluation-Pima: Strengthens the community health information system, and monitors the referral sys- tem and vital event systems; develops and supports community health information system centers of excellence in each county; works with the county health management teams to promote the demand for community health information system data, and develops and imple- ments solutions to improve community health worker and community health extension worker data collection, management and reporting; provides technical support in the development and implementation of referral monitoring system standards and training system; and strengthens the systematic collection, analysis and dissemination of mortality and other vital events data among all levels of government.
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 11:30am