APHIAplus (AIDS, Population and Health Integrated Assistance), IMARISHA

AIDS, Population and Health Integrated Assistance Plus IMARISHA (In- tegrated Marginal Arid Regions Innovative Socialized Health Approach) is designed to improve the health of communities in the northern arid areas of Kenya by delivering integrated health services APHIAplus IMARISHA improves the service delivery of public health facilities and in- creases the demand for those services.
APHIAplus IMARISHA also helps Kenyan’s northern arid lands populations by enhancing access to income generating and economic strengthening activities, and by improving nutrition, food security and access to safe wa- ter and sanitation. It provides technical expertise to improve fodder pro- duction and storage, and it provides technical support to community animal health workers and input suppliers from the private sector. It also helps develop small-scale irrigation systems to grow nutritious vegetables for household consumption and income generation. All APHIAplus inter- ventions are designed to improve community health.
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 11:45am