Findings of the Public Poll About Persons With Disabilities and Their Employment Presented

Presentation of the Report on Public Opinion Poll about Persons with Disabilities

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yerevan, Armenia – On November 6, 2012 Save the Children presented  the “Report on Public Opinion Poll about Persons with Disabilities and Their Employment" which was conducted within the framework of the USAID-funded Livelihood Improvement through Fostered Employment for People with Disabilities (LIFE) Program. Jemma Baghdasaryan, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Issues, Irina Saghoyan, Save the Children Country Director, and Stephen Brager, Head of the USAID/Armenia Democracy, Social and Health Office, delivered welcome remarks at the event, followed by a presentation of the main findings of the research.

The study, carried out by the Civic Development and Partnership Foundation, examined public opinion and attitude toward people with disabilities (PWDs), particularly in relation to PWD employment.  The survey revealed lack of or limited public awareness on PWDs, types of disabilities, common challenges faced by PWDs during and after the hiring process and their needs in a work environment.

The study highlighted the urgent need for large-scale public awareness and educational activities concerning PWDs, their working abilities, as well as PWD employment opportunities in order to help address existing stereotypes about PWDs as "sick people" or those with "limited abilities" and present PWDs as equal members of the society.