ADS Reference 527mab

Guidance on How to Close a USAID Mission – Checklists

Mandatory Reference for ADS Chapter 527

File Name: 527mab_100103_cd33
Revision: 10/01/2003
Effective Date: 09/29/2003


The closing out of a USAID Mission may or may not include closing out all U.S. assistance activities. The closing out of a USAID Mission can take place as a "normal" closing, an "immediate" closing, or an "emergency" closing, as follows:

a. A normal closing out usually will occur as a consequence of a joint agreement of understanding between the United States and the cooperating country.

b. An immediate closing out occurs because of unusual circumstances and in most instances is the result of unilateral action on the part of either the United States Government or the cooperating country. This may call for the termination of assistance pursuant to the Foreign Assistance Act or other U.S. Government prohibitions. Whereas a normal close-out permits a relatively unhurried approach, in an immediate close-out situation time may be severely limited. This document addresses both normal and immediate closing.

c. An emergency closing out occurs because of critical conditions at Post such as war, civil disturbance, or natural disaster. (See ADS 530, Emergency Planning Overseas)