ADS Chapter 527

Functions of the Mission Executive Officer

Functional Series 500 – Management Services

Full Revision Date: 05/27/2015
Responsible Office: M/MS/OMD
File Name: 527_052715


ADS 527 supersedes HB 23, Chapter 1, Functions of the Mission Executive Officer (EXO). This ADS chapter describes the functions of an EXO at a USAID Mission. The objective of this chapter is to specify the responsibilities normally carried out by the Mission EXO in order to ensure the efficient, cost-effective, safe, secure, and administratively sound operation and management of the Mission. Additional guidance to assist EXOs, Agency managers, and specialists who participate in Mission administrative management assessments or serve on Mission opening or closeout teams is included as supplementary references to this chapter. Guidance on How to Close a USAID Mission, along with checklists, and How to Open a USAID Mission are included in the Mandatory Reference section of this chapter. Additional Help documents, such as Guidance on Preparing Mission Orders and Management Services Review Guidelines, can be found in section 527.5.