ADS Reference 253sag

Participant Training Practioner’s Manual

Additional Help ADS Chapter 253

New Edition Date: 06/06/2012
Responsible Office: E3/ED
File Name: 253sag_060612


The Participant Training Practitioner’s Manual (PTPM) was developed by the Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture and Trade (EGAT) as a management tool to help USAID integrate Participant Training and related activities into its development assistance programs. Participant training is a learning activity that aims to transfer knowledge, skills and information by way of classroom instruction, and specific objectives. We are pleased to share it with USAID Missions, bureaus and implementing partners. It is intended as a complement to, but not a substitute for, Automated Directives Systems (ADS) 252 and 253, entitled Visa Compliance for Exchange Visitors and Participant Training for Capacity Development, respectively.