ADS Reference 200mbe

Protection of Human Subjects in Research Supported by USAID

A Mandatory Reference for ADS Chapter 200

New Reference: 12/26/2006
Responsible Office: GH
File Name: 200mbe_122606_cd46


Along with many other Federal Agencies, USAID has adopted the Common Federal Policy for Protection of Human Subjects (sometimes referred to as the “Common Rule”) as USAID regulation (referred to herein in this document as the Policy – see 22 CFR 225). The Policy sets standards for the protection of human research subjects that USAID follows when research activities supported by USAID involve human subjects. Safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in research supported by USAID is the primary responsibility of the organization to which support is awarded. No research involving human subjects may be undertaken unless the research is approved as outlined in the Policy. The Policy sets forth detailed guidance that allows for some latitude in adaptation of the Policy to the specific situation of each agency, including administrative procedures and interpretation.