ADS Reference 200mac

USAID Policy on Female Genital Cutting (FGC)

A Mandatory Reference for ADS Chapter 200

Mandatory Reference: 200-203
File Name: 200mac_111400_cd22
Last Revised: 11/14/2000


By this guidance, USAID recognizes FGC as a harmful, traditional practice that violates the health and human rights of women and hinders development.

USAID opposes any practice of or support for Female Genital Cutting (FGC) and works toward the goal of total elimination of FGC. Under no circumstances does USAID support the practice of FGC by medical personnel.

As a highly sensitive and culturally specific problem, USAID believes that entire communities must be involved in efforts to eliminate FGC to create an enabling environment for change. This policy on FGC is designed to support the Agency Strategic Plan and other existing U.S. Government (USG) policies, in addition to supporting the international community’s policies and efforts to reduce the incidence of FGC in the affected areas.