Fact Sheets

FIRM facilitates the expansion of financial services and investment for entrepreneurs and businesses by designing profitable and sustainable financial services models that enable long-term economic growth necessary to improve livelihoods and build resiliency. FIRM utilizes Development Credit Authority (DCA) loan guarantees, technical assistance and consulting to de-risk credit processes used by financial and non-financial institutions across current market segments and new business opportunities.

Start date: March 8, 2012          End date: March 7, 2015  
Project budget (Life of Project):  $1.4 Million
Implementer:  Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia


Develop and disseminate affordable climate change adaptation technologies and practices in the agricultural sector, by conducting comprehensive public awareness and outreach campaigns combined with capacity building programs tailored to the needs of farming operations. 

Flagship development and climate change program aims for high impact, low emissions

Start date:  January 13, 2013          Duration:  Three years
Anticipated Project budget (Life of Project):  $1.3 million
Implementer:  TimelProekt, in partnership with PointPro Consulting and the Center for Entrepreneurial and Executive Development (CEED) 


Improve Macedonia‘s competitiveness and energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions via greater clean energy investments, primarily through the introduction of a systematic energy management approach in the industrial sector.

Start date:  April 19, 2011          End date:  April 17, 2014
Project budget (Life of Project):  $1,500,000
Implementer:  Habitat for Humanity Macedonia


Increase the standard of living in collective housing units in Macedonia through demonstration projects on energy efficiency improvements that significantly decrease energy consumption and operating cost.

Start date:  December 28, 2010          End date: December 27, 2014    
Project budget (Life of Project):  $ 4.8 million
Implementer: Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.


Improve the business policy environment to increase private sector investment and promote increased exports of Macedonian products. 

Start date: January 1, 2012          End date:   December 31, 2015 
Project budget:  $300,000
Implementer:  Crimson Development Foundation  (CDF)


Establish and manage a specialized fund to support innovation and business start-ups, addressing the access to finance constraint faced by innovation-focused entrepreneurs.  

Start date:  September 1, 2007          End date:  September 1, 2014 
Guarantee Facility: $9 million in loans
Implementers:  UNIBANKA and NLB Leasing


The SME Development Credit Authority facility, the first of its kind in Macedonia, provides access to working and investment capital for companies that want to expand their operations or market opportunities. The SME DCA facility is improving access to capital, which is a major obstacle to the growth of private sector SMEs in Macedonia.

Start date:  September 30, 2009          End date: September 30, 2019 
Guarantee Facility: $5 million in loans
Implementers:  Savings Houses Mozhnosti and FULM

Start date:  March 19, 2007          End date: June 18, 2013  
Project budget:  (Life of Project) US $8.3 Million  
Implementer:     Tetra Tech ARD