Shiriki, which means “participate” in Kiswahili, works through civil society organizations (CSOs) to increase citizens’ participation in local government. The activity helps selected organizations become more transparent in their operations, widen their coverage and engage more productively with citizens.
The Shiriki activity provides training to 12 civil society organizations across a wide range of disciplines, to improve their ability to lead devolution and advocacy initiatives. The training focuses on key areas such as advocacy and communication; governance; finance, procurement and administration; resource mobilization; human resource management; project management, and monitoring and evaluation. Each organization will be monitored to determine the degree upon which they are adopting improved practices in these key areas.
The activity works directly with county government officials and community leaders to strengthen and institutionalize public participation and conflict mitigation frameworks. The activity will also support grassroots forums such as public debates, youth camps and radio programs where citizens can propose solutions to local government officials. These platforms will serve as avenues for citizens, especially women and youth, to dialogue on issues impacting their daily lives, and advocate for better services from county and sub-county governance structures. The activity will also strengthen community policing structures and provide training to inform and promote engagement by civil society organizations and communities in the county development planning processes, and budget making and tracking.
Monday, March 14, 2016 - 11:30pm