Implementer: NetHope
Amount Awarded: $100,000 (FY 11)
Duration: 36 months
Description: Under the Agency’s Global Broadband and Innovations Alliance, USAID, NetHope and the Demi and Ashton Foundation partnered to support a mobile app to combat trafficking. The App Challenge was a contest launched in Russia and Eastern Europe for the best anti-trafficking app.  Two winners were selected and a single app was developed incorporating the best features of each winning entry. The app is now being implemented in Albania.
Related C-TIP Policy Principle or Objective: Innovation


Implementer: International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Amount Awarded: $400,000 (FY 12)
Duration: 30 months
Description: Improving job skills and employment opportunities of focus groups, increasing understanding of the dangers of trafficking among targeted populations; providing reintegration services to the victims of trafficking.
Related C-TIP Policy Principle or Objective: USAID comparative advantage


Implementer: International Organization for Migration (IOM) Mission in Ukraine
Amount Awarded: $950,000 (FY 12)
Duration: 48 months
Description: While providing the necessary services to prevent trafficking and to assist victims of trafficking, this project strengthens the capacities of the Government of Ukraine and of the civil society – to sustainably undertake counter-trafficking work, including reintegration assistance to victims of trafficking under the institutionalized framework of the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) led by the state.
Related C-TIP Policy Principle or Objective: USAID comparative advantage

Implementer: MTV-Exit
Amount Awarded: $346,500 (FY 11)
Duration: 24 months
Description: The funds will be used to raise awareness among especially vulnerable youth of trafficking in Ukraine, including by establishing a website, producing a documentary, engaging youth in contests, and using social media and other activities.
Related C-TIP Policy Principle or Objective: Innovation